CNC Routing

 CNC Routing

Computer numerically
controlled machining

We have broadened the range of services that we can now offer our customers, with our acquisition of Computer Numerically Controlled machines.

CNC technology provides a faster and more cost-effective alternative to traditionally-handcrafted methods. With the capability to handle both wood and plastic, it can cut a wide range of designs from the most basic to highly intricate shapes and patterns.

It’s very accurate too, producing a perfect finish, whether it’s a one-off bespoke piece or a batch of thousands. 

Design to delivery

At Ascenda, we can offer the whole process, working from an outline sketch with measurements or a CAD drawing. Our experienced in-house team will help you to refine your design in order to achieve the most accurate finish.

Once your project is progressed and converted into a CAD or DXF file, we’ll upload it to our CNC machine to calculate how much wood or plastic we need and the machine time required. We can then give you an accurate costing and schedule for the delivery of your project.


We will set up the machine with the exact dimensions to produce the item for you. CNC machines can be programmed to 0.2mm accuracy which ensures you receive a precision-cut end project to meet your specification exactly.

CNC machines can cut more quickly and accurately than any human which means that you don’t waste any materials, saving both time and money.

Finishing touches

For the ultimate finish, we can offer straight or curved edge banding for your project. We also have our own fully-equipped print spray shop with the capability to produce an extensive range of colours and finishes.

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