Access Products

Access Products

Specialists in safe solutions for working at height

When you need to access areas of a building or site for maintenance, monitoring or repairs, practicality and safety are top of the agenda, with a product that’s been designed for the job.

At Ascenda Engineering, we have a selection of standard ladders for the majority of industrial situations, as well as a modular range with components we can put together to deliver the solution you need.

We also have the capability to design and fabricate bespoke options when something different is required.

All our ladders are made from the highest quality aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel, sourced in the UK.

Vertical Ladders

For situations where infrequent access is required, a vertical fixed ladder is often the most practical and straightforward solution.

Our standard range is designed and fabricated in-house and comes complete with square non-slip rungs and guardrails to provide safe, secure and reliable access wherever required.

There are optional accessories too, such as security gates, retractable handrails, parapet access platforms and self-closing gates.

Companionway Ladders

Designed for infrequent access, our companionway ladders are a flexible alternative to vertical ladders and are significantly more comfortable to climb.

They provide safe and stable access to roof hatches or in place of stairs where space is limited.

Companionway ladders are often incorporated into designs which include bespoke steps, platforms and gantries.

Step Over Units

Where a member of the workforce needs to have access over or around features such as a boundary wall, a pipe or network of cables, our range of step over units offer a safe way to navigate obstacles. They also reduce the risk of damaging plant and equipment.

Comprising two ladders joined by a platform deck, the units come complete with safety handrails and anti-slip ladder treads made from folded steel durbar plate.

With the increased use of PV panels and air conditioning systems, all roofs are becoming more congested and planning a safe access route is more challenging. That’s why we have developed a range of roof step over units, ranging from small folded hop-up units to full roof gantry systems. We can also combine our standard components with bespoke designed and fabricated units to produce solutions that meet specific requirements.

Stair Units

Moving between different levels requires special equipment to reduce any risk incurred when working above ground, whether it’s for access, maintenance or as an escape route.

Ascenda Engineering’s range of off-the-shelf stairs comply with the latest Work At Height Recommendations and provide safe, compliant access for operatives, tools and equipment.

Every site and every situation will have different requirements and priorities and with this in mind we have designed and fabricated small, lightweight, cost-effective units on very short lead-times or completely bespoke units to meet exacting customer specifications.

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