Air Handling Units Access Platform

We received a brief to design and fabricate equipment to provide safe and stable access to Air Handling Units (AHU), in order to carry out maintenance.

Working from photographs supplied by the customer and an on-site survey, the team designed an all-aluminium fabrication with a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) open mesh deck. This fitted around an existing structure and was also sufficiently lightweight to enable it to be carried on to the roof through personnel doors.

Following fabrication, the unit was delivered, ready for the customer to install.

Swimming Pool
Walk-on Cover

We were approached by a customer to produce a ‘walk-on’ cover at an existing swimming pool, 14 metres long by 4 metres wide.

The cover needed to be impenetrable as it was accessible to children, as well as being mounted on adjustable jacks and wheels so that it could be rolled in and out of position. The design also had to include a trapdoor to allow water testing with the cover in place.

The fabricated components, which included a fully-galvanised frame with Buffalo Board Deck, were delivered to site in sections for ‘on location’ assembly.

Spray Booth
Access Platform

An outline sketch and layout produced by a customer was the starting point for us to design an Access Platform, together with manufacturing drawings.

The finished structure was fabricated from galvanised steel, which was then painted. It incorporated fully-welded tubular handrails combined with solid protection panels to give total operative safety and to allow for inspection of the existing plant and operations.

The stairs, platform and deck were supplied in sections for on-site assembly and transport abroad.

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